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How to Set up Your Home Office for Success

Let's set up your home office so that you can feel happier, more motivated, and more productive in your space!

Desk placement:

If possible, situate your desk so that you are either facing a window, or facing out into the room. Whenever possible, I recommend not facing directly towards a wall. This will leave you feeling closed-in, which will translate to your creativity. Having the open feeling of facing out into the room or out of a window will also bring you some mental openness and clarity. It is also good for your eyes to be able to look away from the computer and focus on something in the distance.

Don’t have room to face outwards? You might have more room than you think… Here is a little tip I use when working from a hotel room where the desk is against the wall: Try pulling your desk away from the wall just a foot or two, then place your chair on the other side of the desk with your back to the wall, and see how it feels to flip your workspace for a bit! A new perspective in your seating might give you a new perspective on your work :).

Organization is a MUST!

A cluttered workspace = a cluttered mind. Not sure where to start? It may sound overwhelming, but I promise this little exercise can be fun! Take everything out of your space - yep, I mean everything. Go through it all and get rid of things that you don’t need (we all know how it piles up), then place all of your items back into your space very intentionally, putting everything in a spot that makes sense in terms of where and how you use it, for example, if you’re constantly reaching for your phone tripod for IG lives, place the tripod in a drawer next to where you sit, so that you aren’t jumping up to get it constantly.

Some of my favorite organizational items include horizontal letter trays or filing boxes for paper organization, pretty cups or mugs for pen storage, or pretty (but small) bins to use as an organized catch-all for smaller items. HINT: Don’t use large bins, or they tend to get filled to the brim with “stuff” and you’re right back where you starts ;-).

Keep your schedule or top to-do list visible.

A cute little whiteboard/chalkboard that sits on your desk will keep your most important items at the top of your mind.

Make it pretty:

Having a beautiful and inspiring space will help you to feel happier and more creative during your work day. Your workspace shouldn’t be all business. Add some decor items that make you happy. A piece of art, a pretty planter, a fashionable chair, and cute coasters for your drink are just some things that I love to have in my space to make me happy.

Add greenery.

No space should go without a plant! Having greenery in your space will immediately boost your mood. Depending on the size of your space, I recommend at least one, but hopefully two plants in your space. If you don’t have the desk space, get creative! Try hanging a plant from the ceiling or mounting it to the wall. Large floor plants are also a favorite of mine to give your room that extra “happy” boost :).

Looking to refresh your home office, but aren't sure where to start? Be sure to check out our online interior design services, where we can transform your space no matter where you call home!

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