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Family-Friendly Home Design Tips from Larkin Living Spaces

Family on sofa

We know that creating a beautiful, functional, and kid-friendly home can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. Balancing style, safety, and functionality might seem overwhelming (and daunting), which is why we have drawn up some family-friendly home design tips for you to help you out!

Functional Home Design

Consider the Functionality of Each Space

A well-designed home should flow effortlessly. Start by assessing the functionality of each room. Ask yourself: How does your family use the space? Are there specific activities that take place? Tailor your design choices to accommodate those needs. Think convertible furniture, multi-purpose storage, and adaptable layouts that can transform as your kids grow.

Girl on sofa

Embrace Durable and Easy-to-Clean Materials

Life with kids often comes with spills, stains, and surprises. Embrace materials that can withstand the whirlwind of family life while still looking chic. Opt for stain-resistant fabrics, wipeable surfaces, and durable flooring options. At Larkin Living Spaces, we can guide you towards stylish yet practical choices that strike the perfect balance.

Kids' playroom

Create Zones for Play and Creativity

Kids thrive in environments that fuel their imagination. Designate specific zones for play, creativity, and learning. From cozy reading nooks to art corners bursting with color, these spaces will inspire your little ones and keep their activities contained. We'll help you create pockets of joy that seamlessly integrate with your overall design.

Pretty Storage

Storage: The Secret to Clutter-Free Bliss

Taming clutter is an art, and we've mastered it! Discover ingenious storage solutions that keep toys, books, and gear organized. We're all about hidden compartments, built-in storage benches, and stylish baskets that bring order to chaos – all while elevating your interior design game.

Family on sofa

Blend Safety and Style

Safety doesn't mean sacrificing style. Soften sharp corners with chic corner guards, invest in kid-friendly furniture that prioritizes safety, and incorporate non-toxic finishes. Our team knows how to weave safety seamlessly into your design, creating a space where everyone can move about with peace of mind.

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Ready to transform your home into a haven of beauty and functionality? Let's do it together!

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