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How It Works

Image by Nattanich Vichaidit

Virtual Interior Design

You won't believe how easy it is to transform your space with a Luxury Design from Larkin Living Spaces.




Project Kickoff

Once your application is approved, we'll schedule a 1-hour project kick-off call. This is where the magic starts! I'll gather all the essential details needed to begin the transformation of your space.

Design Selection Process

Now, the creative part begins! I'll start selecting pieces for your new space. This step is a team effort, with you and me working closely together. We'll have multiple checkpoints throughout to ensure the evolving space aligns with your vision and you're thrilled with the direction we're heading.

Space Assessement

You'll upload simple pictures, measurements, and video of your space to your project portal. This helps me understand the dimensions and get a feel for your space from every angle, ensuring our designs are tailored perfectly to your home.


Final Design Approval


Once we finalize the designs, you'll receive a comprehensive design documentation packet. This packet includes detailed instructions for layout, setup, and decor, alongside a complete item listing with clickable shopping links for easy purchasing. Where possible, I'll also help you secure Designer Trade Discounts on furniture and decor, potentially saving you thousands!

Bringing Your Design to Life

Armed with your detailed Design Guide, you'll bring the fabulous new room to life. This guide is your roadmap to setting up and enjoying your transformed space. And don't forget to share the 'After' pictures with me – I love seeing your dreams realized!

Frequently Asked Questions

1 | I have an open concept living room and kitchen (or similar situation) for which I want both areas designed, does this count as one room or two?

Because each room serves as its own functioning space, with furniture, decor, and materials in the same amount as two rooms, this is counted as two separate rooms. If your spaces are very small or you are unsure if they should be counted as two areas, please make note in your application, and we can discuss your space specifically.

2 | How do you "get to know" my home prior to working together on a virtual design?

Prior to beginning our design project, I will collect pictures and measurements from you of your space. We will also have a 60-minute project kick-off call, which will help me to understand everything that you need and desire for your space. 

3 | Do you offer discounts for multiple rooms?

Yes! If you would like to include multiple rooms in your project, please make a note in your application, and we will provide a custom quote.

4 | Do I need to live in the Pittsburgh area to receive your services?

With my virtual design services, I can help you from wherever you are! I’ve helped clients all over the US, including PA, CA, WA, FL, NC, NJ, and more!

Ready to book your project?

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