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An IKEA Desk Hack Home Office Transformation: From Formal to Fabulously Family-Friendly!

Hey there! Welcome to a sneak peek of our home office transformation - and let me tell you, it's been quite the journey! When we first moved in, we had this gorgeous custom-built office space, but with three rambunctious kiddos under the age of three, we quickly realized it was just a tad too fancy for our family's everyday adventures - you know how it is with kids and their painting, coloring, and toy trucks!

So, we put on our creative hats and decided to renovate the entire room to make it more family-friendly and functional. And let me tell you, it's now the ultimate office/craft/homework/reading room combo - a space where memories are made and imaginations run wild! You'll never believe this room is based off of an IKEA desk hack trick that allowed us to complete this space on a small budget. (Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for links to all of the products 🙂.)

A Room to Grow Into

We knew we still needed an office space for my husband and myself, but dedicating the entire room to work just wasn't our style. We wanted a space where the kids could unleash their creativity and also have a designated spot for future homework sessions. The solution? We built a fantastic long desk across one side of the room, providing each kid with their little workspace for when they start school. It's like their very own little command center for all their creative endeavors!

Storage Solutions - Because Craft Supplies Multiply Like Magic

With three kids, two adults, and an abundance of craft and office supplies, there was only one word on our minds - STORAGE! That's when I whipped out my DIY skills and created a storage masterpiece with an IKEA Billy Bookcase combination featuring nifty doors. But here's the best part: behind one of those frosted glass doors is my secret weapon - a handheld vacuum! Say goodbye to craft messes and hello to a tidy and organized space - magic, right?

The "Adult" Work Area

Amidst all the playful creativity, we made sure to carve out a serene and inspiring "adult" work area too. Just imagine sitting by the window with a view of our outdoor pond and waterfall - talk about incredible background noise for focus and productivity!

A Creative Oasis for the Whole Family

We're overjoyed with how our little project turned out. We took a space that wasn't quite suited for our youngsters and transformed it into a haven where the whole family can get creative together. It's truly the heart of our home, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

If you're curious to see more pictures of our fantastic home transformation (plus, more of our projects!), hop over to the rest of our website. And if you're considering your own home makeover, remember to check out our online interior design services at Larkin Living Spaces!

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