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Budget-Friendly Ideas for your Kids' Bedroom

budget friendly kids' bedroom ideas

Hey there, parents! 🌈🛏️

Creating a magical kids' bedroom on a budget is totally doable. At Larkin Living Spaces, we're all about making your child's space special without breaking the bank. Check out these creative and budget-friendly ideas for your kids' bedroom that'll turn their room into a place of joy!

kid room accent wall

Accent Wall

Start with an accent wall to bring some personality to the room. A bold color or a simple pattern can do wonders without costing a fortune. Accent walls are one of my favorite ways to bring color into a child’s room, without having to paint the entire space.

Stick-on wall decals

Stick-on Decals

Decals are a great budget-friendly way to transform the room's look. They're easy to apply and can be removed when it's time for a change. Be sure to remove them carefully and slowly when it is time!

Kid's wall art

Fun Framed Art Prints

Consider hanging some fun art prints that your child loves. It's a simple way to add a touch of charm to the walls. I love how a framed print can elevate the space and create a touch of class, even in a kid’s room! Just be careful where you hang a framed picture - we don’t want it to get knocked down! Above a dresser is the safest place :).

yellow lamp

Cute Lighting

Get creative with lighting! Pendant lights or string lights can add a playful touch to the room. Colorful and playful lamps will also really enhance the space. You can find plenty of cute lighting options without a high price tag!

area rug

Cozy Area Rug

An area rug not only looks good but also provides a comfy spot for playtime. It’s also one of my favorite ways to bring some extra color into your child’s room if you are looking to do so.

kids tent

Tent/Reading Nook

Turn a corner into a special spot for reading or imaginative play with a tent or a cozy nook. Giving your child a special place away from their bed to fall in love with reading (or snuggle up with them!) is such a fun touch to your child’s bedroom.

Leanne Ford Bookshelf


A bookshelf isn't just for books – it's a place for toys and treasures too. A bookshelf can add some great personality to your child’s space. My tip: keep it simple! A few books or toys/treasures, organized in a fun display is all you need to add a nice touch (and organization) to your kid’s room.

Faux Greenery

I love adding greenery to any space - even a child’s room! Add some faux greenery to the room for a touch of nature. It's low-maintenance and adds a fresh vibe. (For older kids, go ahead and try out a real plant! Have them care for it as a fun way to add some responsibility and ownership to their routine).

budget-friendly kid's room

Transforming Dreams on a Budget: Let's Dive In!

At Larkin Living Spaces, we're here to help you make your child's room extra special without spending a fortune. These ideas are just the beginning of what we can do together. Let's make their room a place where creativity flows and good times are had.

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